7 Cool Games Where You Are A Dragon

Let’s face it bros dragons are bad ass. Its only naturally to want to be a dragon. Even natural(er) is wanting to play games where you are a dragon. Well we’re all in luck. ‘Cause here’s 7 cool games where you’re a dragon!

1. Trogdor!!!

Trogdor was a man… I mean he was a dragon-man. Or, maybe he was just a dragon. This is best dragon game ever.

Troggdor -- Cool Game Where You Are A Dragon

2. Hoard

This is a quality dragon game and only costs 10$ on steam. You play a dragon and burn villages & knights and all that other dragon stuff you like to do.

Hoard -- Cool Game Where You Are A Dragon

3. Spyro the Dragon

Now oldschool platformer from Playstation. You play a purple dragon and shoot flames and fly. I was never into Spyro but I’ve heard good things.

Spyro -- Cool Game Where You Are A Dragon

4. Dragon Spirit: The New Legend

This is a top-down shooter for NES. You play a dragon(of course) and you shoot things(!). Similar to games like Raiden, 1941 but you’re a dragon.

Dragon Spirit -- Cool Game Where You Are A Dragon

5. Red Dragon Rampage

Red Dragon Rampage is a pretty rad flash game. You play a baby dragon protecting your daddy dragon from waves of masked bad guys. You kill the bad guys by picking them up and throwing them. You can also bomb them with your daddy’s poop… All while collecting money to upgrade yourself for better poop-bombing. This game is really made well TRY IT

Red Dragon Rampage -- Cool Game Where You Are A Dragon

6. Oroboros

In this sweet flash game you play like a space dragon. You hit some snowflake or throwing star looking object with your face while trying to protect your tail from being hit by them. When you have the appropriate amount of snowflakes you goto the next level, after upgrading your space dragon. Check it out

7. How to Raise a Dragon

In How to Raise a Dragon you raise a dragon… Really you follow the dragon through its life. How you raise your dragon will affect its appearance and it abilities. This game is kinda weird but very rad I recommend it

How to Raise a Dragon -- Cool Game Where You Are A Dragon

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  • Anonymous

    o man best article ever, me

  • Shoop

    Hey cool, Hoard seems pretty nifty. :V

  • Kayla

    i dont like any of these games