7 Games to Play While You Wait for Diablo 3

Don’t waste another day refreshing your Blizzard account page! Like me, you’re never getting into the Diablo 3 beta! And, now that Blizzard has pushed the release to early 2012(yea, right!), its going to be a while! Here are some games you should play in the meantime.

1. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

This ain’t no Diablo 3, but it should be godlike. Hopefully Skyrim will be a nice distraction until D3 comes out.

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2. Gears of War 3

This is the best Gears yet. The story is good. Lot of big things happen this time around, but I won’t spoil it for you. And, of course multiplayer is better than ever! Also, there’s a new mode where you play monsters and try to eat dudes! Alright, so Gears isn’t really very much like Diablo, but its a great game and I recommend it.

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3. Dark Souls

Dark Souls is a new totally awesome RPG. Dark Souls isn’t one of those faker RPGs where you can’t actually customize your character. Dark Souls is a for-realz-RPG! And, Dark Souls is mega hard! So, if think you’re a real bro you should play this!

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4. Battlefield 3 BETA

The Battlefield 3 BETA is going on as I type. The beta is open to all platforms. Download it. Play it. Go here for instructions on getting it.

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5. Darkspore

Darkspore is a really great game. Darkspore lacks any real story but its gameplay is closer to D2 than others. Darkspore is also very challenging(harder than D2 by far). Every hardcore Diablo player should be playing this.

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6. Modern Warfare 3

So, MW3 probably will be a lot of what you’ve seen in past Call of Duty games. But, you can count on MW3 being a great game and you can count on it selling about 9 bajillion. And, I’ll be one of those 9 bajillion because COD games are always solid.

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7. League of Legends

I’m pretty sure everybody already plays League of Legends. But, if you don’t, you better! Pick your favorite Championbro and team up with other bros to defeat your enemyfags! LOL is always there to play and always free! Play League of Legends NOW

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  • gamergal88

    no torchlight or torchlight 2? get with the program

  • http://vidjamo.com powerdarnell

    Torchlight ain’t bad, but its kind of a quick game… I donno
    It definately wouldn’t last ya until D3 comes out. Which was kind of my reasoning in not including it.

    But yeah, I didn’t think of Torchlight 2. I guess we’ll see how that game actually turns out.

  • http://twitter.com/conansee Conan See

    I play diablo 3 while waiting for Diablo 3. Beta key homies!

  • Sethr266

    I took it seriously until you used Call of Duty and “solid” in the same sentence.

  • http://vidjamo.com powerdarnell

    Well its just my opinion, but I always feel like I can count on COD being a decent game.

  • tony

    I guess it’s cool not to like call of duty because it is popular?

  • Iliem

    where do u get beta key from?

  • Anonymous

    I’m still playing Starcraft2 frequently xD

  • http://vidjamo.com powerdarnell

    Yea, that’s a good one to play ;]